What is dice .church ?

Dice .church is a social, yet anonymous crypto casino offering fun and provably fair games together with instant, blockchain based payments.

Is dice.church fair?

Absolutely! Each game can be verified to be free from any kind of manipulation. All details required for fairness verification can be found in the bet info window that will appear after clicking on any bet in the Bet History. You can find more information on this topic on our provably fair page.

How to verify bets?

All details required for fairness verification can be found in the bet info window that will appear after clicking on any bet in the bet history. There are various 3rd party scripts to verify the game hashes and to calculate the results.

How to make a deposit?

To deposit funds simply click WALLET button in the top navbar or 'Deposit' button in the hamburger menu. Choose desired cryptocurrency (bitcoin, litecoin) or CSGO Skins, pick the amount and make payment to the generated address. Funds will be credited instantly.

How to make a withdrawal?

To withdraw your funds simply click WALLET button that is available in top navbar or 'Withdraw' button in the hamburger menu and choose the amount you want to take from your wallet.
The withdrawal process is instant in case of CSGO Skins and can take couple minutes (depends on the network) when it comes to cryptocurrencies. All your crypto deposits need to have at least 3 confirmations in order to withdraw funds.
In case of any problems with your withdrawal, please check your transaction on blockchain.info or contact our support team.

How to get free bitcoin (or other currency)?

Just use the faucet! The Faucet is a feature that enables you to claim some amount of free cryptocurrency to play with and test our games with zero risk before depositing. The value of the faucet is 0.05 OPS on start and increases with every level.

How to play Dice?

Assuming that you’ve created an account and made your first deposit or used the faucet, you’re just couple clicks from playing Dice! What’s left is to set your game parameters:

  • BET AMOUNT - The amount of funds you use for one roll.
  • PAYOUT - In case of winning, this is the profit multiplier you will get.
  • WIN CHANCE - Shows how likely is it that you win. Higher WIN CHANCE equals lower MULTIPLIER.
  • ROLL OVER means that you’ll win if the roll outcome is higher than the chosen number.

PAYOUT, ROLL OVER and WIN CHANCE are strictly connected. Higher MULTIPLIER equals lower WIN CHANCE. ROLL OVER changes to reflect those settings. Once you’re ready, just hit the ROLL button and voila. The game will roll a number between 0 and 10,000. You’ll win if the rolled number fits the range you’ve chosen.

How to play Roulette?

This game is super easy and fast when it comes to set up. All you have to do is pick one of the three colors:

  • Red (with 2x multiplier and 7 fields)
  • Black (also 2x multiplier and 7 fields)
  • Green (with 14x multiplier and 1 field only)

And choose the BET AMOUNT, which is the amount of funds used in a single spin. That’s it! Now hit the SPIN button and hope for the best 😊

What are levels?

Levels are indicators of user’s activity and our way of rewarding players for being members of the dice.church community. You can level up by simply placing your bets – the higher your level the bigger the amount of funds you need to bet in order to reach the next one. There are overall 100 levels and each of them makes your life better 😊.

What can I get with higher levels?

Higher levels give you a higher cashback percentage. That’s right! You can get free money for betting and the more you bet the more money you can get. On top of that you will receive with each level a higher paying faucet and higher daily login bonus.

How does the Jackpot work?

0.1% of all wagers (but not less than 1 satoshi or its equivalent in other currency) are being added to the Jackpot.

In order to win it you have to roll your chosen number. Your chosen number is the number visible in the 'ROLL OVER TO WIN' field.

The percentage of the Jackpot won depends on how much you wager:

Over 0.1 BTC: 100%
Over 0.01 BTC: 10%
Over 0.001 BTC: 1%
Over 0.0001 BTC: 0.1%
Less than 0.0001 BTC: 0%

The prize funds will be directly credited to your wallet after hitting the Jackpot. Good Luck!

I need help with dice.church, what should I do?

Simply contact our Customer Support team via [email protected]. They will help you.